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About us

We have known the pharmaceutical sales force for decades and know that big changes are imminent .......


At NXTLVL-REP, we want to implement new ways of addressing the customer  and also to form lone fighters into a sales team that meets today's requirements.


We support you in turning a pure promoter into a real key account manager who also uses new channels to address doctors and other stakeholders.


The effective integration of your Sales Force into the digital sales strategy is our common goal!


Make more of your most important investment: the field service

of the next generation !

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Jörn Oldigs
Founder und Partner

In over 30 years working for Big Pharma, Diagnostics and Home Care companies in functions of General Manager, Business Unit Head or Marketing Head Jörn has learned that -no matter what- the most crucial instrument of your sales strategy is still the Sales Force. The many changes in the Health Care systems all over Europe and the World require a different approach with a very flexible and versatile Sales Rep, who knows his numbers, can network internally as well as externally and knows his customers best.  His operative experience in implementing sales-force transformations  in real life will secure the success of your project.

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Markus Oelsner
Founder und Partner

Markus, a multiple founder, Board Member and General Manager of several companies knows how to adapt business models according to market changes.

25 years sales-experience, most time in Health Care / Pharma are the basis to develop individual concepts to optimize sales forces in consideration of quickly changing market conditions. Additionally a lot of experience in doing  successful Sales-Trainings will secure the unlock of the full potential of your teams.


Let’s do a common approach!

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