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Module 1

Analysis of the Sales Department incl. implementation measures for tranformation

This module includes an analysis of the current Sales Team, considering the main promotion products and market segments, the sales force structure incl. their leaders. In a next step we look at the Regional teams and work out the strenghts and the potential for development as well as differences between the several regional teams. The factors quality of leadership, cooperation and individual potential ("from classical Rep to Key Account Manager") play a very important role. 

Requested time: initially about 10 Consulting days, Investment based on Daily Partner Fee

It will be our pleasure to develop an individual offer for your company .

Module 2

Training concept for your Regional Sales Heads

Based upon the overarching company goals and sales objectives we discuss the current status with each of your Regional Heads. A Strengths/Weaknesses profile is developed and depending on the outcomes we display the modules "Cooperation" or "From single fighter to effective team player", "Transformational leadership based on the example of a Pharma Sales Force"). The modules include several grades of intensity and are agreed upon with you in the briefing phase of the project.


It will be our pleasure to develop an individual offer for your company .

Module 3

Leadership Workshop for your Regional Sales Heads : From Promoter to Key Account Manager

In a 2-days seminar with your Regional Heads (max 10 participants)  we work out the differences between the classical Sales Force Rep of the past and the modern Rep and how the Regional Heads can support this transformation.

The objective of the workshop is to lay the foundation for an increase of the sales efficiency in each Region (and each territory) and the early buy-in of the leaders for the needed transformation.

Module 4

Sales Force transformation project "real case" of a medium sized Pharma company

We share with you our experience of a real case transformation project and adapt it to your specific company situation.

We are happy to create your individual concept!

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