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Sales Force Optimisation

Next Level Rep

You will agree with us that the many changes happening in the Pharma market today require new and different ways regarding  how we run our Sales Force operations.

Together with you we will develop  individual solutions for your Sales Force structure to transform it and get it up to date.  

The increase of visit frequencies and the Sales Rep as lonely fighter in his territory - this was yesterday.

A very volatile environment, digitalization and very  demanding customer expectations  require new ways of working in terms of leadership and cooperation.


About us

You as General Manager or Sales Head are convinced that your Sales Force needs a different dynamic to be competitive  and successful in todays demanding market?

Let us work together and develop your Sales Force Optimisation Project.

We start with the Status quo, have a close look at your Regional Sales Managers, your Teams and even Individual Reps as well as their relationships and networking with other Departments like Marketing, Medical or Market Access.

We develop together with you your individual transformation concept with clear measures for execution.



We will create together with you in several modules  your new Sales Force Optimisation Project.

From the analysis of the current Status to crystalclear recommendations for the transformation of your Sales Force.

We offer the complete project support until full execution of the new structure - up and running!

We support the project with the most ideal Training and Coaching measures for your Leaders and your employees.

With us you will never be left alone after the analysis for a lonely implementation of consultants recommendations.

About us

More than 30 years of "hands-on" national and international Pharma experience speak for us.

Markus Oelsner and Jörn Oldigs are very practical in their way of working. They know the needs of their customers because they have experienced many times similar situations in their own Pharma career being responsible for General Management or Sales Force operations.


We would be honoured if we arouse your interest and if you would like to share with us your current challenges.


Together we will work out the best solutions for your current

Sales Force challenges!


MMarkus Oelsner

Capital & Consult GmbH

Ostheimerweg 6

82319 Starnberg



Tel.: +49 8151 1499626

Mobil: +49 172 7203949


Jörn Oldigs

Am Kamm 10

26897 Esterwegen


Mobil: +49 162 8811 086

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